Dove Tattoo Designs

Dove Tattoo Designs

Dove Tattoos Designs

With a dove tattoos design think about how you want to incorporate the dove with the overall tattoo design. A dove all by itself just sitting there or flying will look rather plain. If you are planning on a memorial tattoo you might want to include the name and date of the person you are memorializing. As a symbol for peace you might want to include an olive branch or other design additions to the dove. Words can also be used effectively with dove tattoo designs to enhance the message and symbolism of the tattoo.

Dove Tattoos Placement

Dove tattoos are small enough and not so intricate or detailed that they can fit in many places including rather small locations. So a dove can work for as a shoulder or hip tattoo. It can also be done as a lower back, forearm, wrist, or foot tattoo. The possibilities are pretty endless with dove tattoo designs since they are very flexible in their design.

If you are considering getting a dove tattoo think first about what you want the dove to symbolize and then work from there to add any other design elements. Also seek out the help of a professional tattoo artist to help you render the final design for the dove tattoos.