Japanese Koi Tattoos

Tattoos have long been part of Japanese culture and koi fish tattoos are very popular because they represent many qualities. The popularity of koi fish tattoo has transcended the Japanese culture, with people around the world of sport this design.
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If you like the tattoos that we know that getting a tattoo with meaning is one of the best feelings ever, especially when someone recognizes the art. The world we live in today is becoming smaller with fashion trends spread rapidly. Tattoos have gained much publicity recently with a lot of celebrities showing their designs at red carpet events. It is natural that has spread like wildfire to the general population. One of the most popular designs has emerged recently is Japanese koi fish tattoo. Fish in the sea face many difficulties in reaching their destination and this ability has given legendary status. Also found in different colors so it is a good choice for a tattoo design. If you plan on getting a tattoo koi fish done, just make sure you do from a good artist, as the design is complicated.
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Japanese Koi fish tattoo mean

The koi fish is similar to the perseverance and nothing against the current to reach its final destination. Japanese mythology is a story that says that the koi fish swimming up a waterfall and then became a dragon. It represents the victory of good against all odds and represents the conquest of everyday life struggles. The fish is a symbol of strength and ability to overcome obstacles, despite all odds. Japanese koi fish also represents wisdom and longevity of many and has therefore been adopted by many people around the world regardless of their cultural background. Some people even get tattoos because they feel that they bring luck, the meaning of koi tattoo is all that draws people to this design.
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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Red Koi
The red koi fish represents love and strength, is a masculine design and looks great when done in the back or arm. You can show a red koi fish blowing bubbles of colors to represent the colors of life. Another way to represent that it is having to fight the big waves on their journey through the violent waters.
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Flowers and fish
Sign koi fish swimming gracefully among flowers of red and yellow underwater is a very attractive design could be achieved. You can also display a koi fish at rest in the lotus petals, with the tail hanging in the water. If you are imaginative ink, fish circling it an anchor. Another way to show that the fish is with a flower in his mouth as if it were an offering to the gods.

Dragon and Fish
Legend says that the koi fish went into a dragon when he finished his journey, so you can show the metamorphosis of a dragon fish. One interesting sign designs is a half dragon half-fish in your body. You can also display the koi fish at the bottom of a waterfall and the dragon looking down from the top of the fall.
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Pair of Fish
You can also have a tattoo of two fish swimming in opposite directions as if koi are the two aspects of life, good and evil. One of the things you can try is the fish two to jump from side to side with the tail in the water. As the fish represents love, you could have two kissing koi fish under water surrounded by flowers.

The secret to getting a good tattoo is finding the right artist and the care of your tattoo, to prevent the ink from fading. Since this is a permanent art form, be sure to choose the intelligent design along with the body part you want to get a tattoo.