Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi fish are one of the most active, and this is the fact, for those who are usually depicted in bright colors with lots of movement. Her beauty and bright colors have always fascinated artists. The combination of traditional colors of koi fish tattoos are black and white. These traditional colors are very popular worldwide, but the use of bright colors can further enhance the beauty of this tattoo. Another color used for manufacture of koi fish tattoo is golden yellow. Even koi tattoos red and blue, the fish look great. However, the choice of color depends, in general skin tone and complexion of an individual. For example, those with yellowing of the skin tattoos can go for yellow, gold and red, while the colors black, red and blue would be a beautiful rosy complexion.

As for the location of this tattoo is concerned, the most popular sites are the back and shoulders. However, it also can be used to adorn the arms, chest, ribs and shoulder. Its popularity is also growing as a newer design tattoo for girls. It looks just like tattoos notable wrist, feet and shoulders, especially in girls.
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Tattoo designs koi fish can range from a solo one with exotic funds, such as splashing or running water. Origins and lotus flower floating or cherry blossoms can also add an exotic touch to koi fish tattoos. Tattoos that represent travel and koi transforming into dragons at the mouth of the dragon gate are especially popular among men seeking male tattoo symbolizes strength and courage. Besides these, many designs can be created to portray the different movements together with the rich colors and elements of Japanese art. Tattoos koi fish can also be used as tattoos zodiac, especially Pisces zodiac tattoos. To this end, the curved lines of the zodiac tattoo symbolic of Pisces are simply replaced by two koi fish.
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Koi fish tattoo designs are great for both men and women who are looking for a symbol of good fortune, wealth and strength. But make sure you choose the right color design, and position, together with a single fund to be a tattoo that can be appreciated for a long time.